Adults Who Play Rec Room

What is Rec Room?

Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore MILLIONS of player-created rooms, or build something new and amazing to share with us all.

We are the Adults Who Play Rec Room!

Come join us in the fun! We play together, build together, and sometimes just hang out!

Lets Play

We do quests, play Paintball, Rec Royal and visit custom rooms.

Get Build Help

Our members are contest winning builders who love to help!

Club Projects

We do YouTube, enter Contests, and build our own Custom Rooms

We're Growing!
1,200+ members.

Come join the largest Adult Only Community on Rec Room!

We started out trying to connect with more adults. As time went we found there were lots of adults that had a hard time finding others to play and hang out.

Now 2 year later we have over 1,000 members and we're still growing. We build together for contests, event rooms, and all sorts of custom rooms. We produce YouTube content. We play paintball, Rec Royale, Dodge Ball, all of the quests, etc... And sometimes we just hang out. If its in Rec Room we do it!

Check Out Our Creative Rooms

Join us to make or participate in our YouTube shows!

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